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At Zacconi Contracting Inc. we are passionate about ensuring your home enhances the quality of your life and provides you with years of worry-free living in surroundings tailored to your lifestyle.

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Custom House Framing

We frame new build custom homes, multi-family townhouses and condominiums based on traditional, modern and conceptual designs. We pay special attention to intricate and detail oriented designs.

Working with your architects and designers, we thrive to bringing your dreams and aspirations to life. Our experience of concrete forming and framing makes us invaluable in ensuring your new home is built to your satisfaction.

Our residential framing team assemble frames or supporting structures of new single and multi-family buildings. They enclose the building, install the windows and the doors to the lock-up stage. The structure consists of floor platforms with supporting joists and blocking, interior and exterior walls and sheathing, openings for windows and doors with structural support headers in bearing walls, interior and exterior stairs.

Our qualified carpenters are responsible for the wooden and steel structure from the sill plate on the foundation to the installation of the roof trusses and rafters.